What people are saying about my work:

“Like throwing a pebble into water, the extraordinary energy of Anita Farrah’s jewelry, ripples both within and throughout the Universe!” Rebecca K


“Anita’s jewelry directly touches the heart. Each piece is uniquely crafted and made with love. It is both eloquent and healing.” Kathy S


“She has a unique, playful and sensitive ability to create pieces that are a feast for your eyes and opens your heart.” Melissa K


“Anita’s work is exquisite, subtlety regal, and sometimes bold – in a quiet way. One can get lost looking at the fine details in the glass work, the color combinations and bead arrangements. Positive energy simply flows from the pieces.” Gail B


“I don’t own a lot of jewelry, tending to buy only what I love and will wear for years.  I’ve purchased several of Anita’s pieces and they are the ones I reach for most often. Just seeing and wearing them enhances my mood.” Barbara B


“Anita’s jewelry is a delight to wear. My Works of Heart have stood the test of time and hold a special place in my extensive collection.  There is joy, vibrancy and excellent craftsmanship in every piece.”  Carol S