Camelback Studio Tour

WaaaaHoooo one of my all time favorite shows is almost here

November 1 – 3     10am – 5pm daily  

Camelback Studio Tour 2013 brochure

4 Open Studios & 17 Artists

all in a really cool mid-century South Scottsdale neighborhood

I’ll be in Studio #2

Lotus Handmade Lampwork Bead

Anita Farrah Lampwork Lotus
photo by David Orr


What Goes Around Comes Around

As an artist I pour my heart and soul into each piece I create.  At times I’m not sure if I even want to part with some of them.  But then again it’s good to keep the energy flowing….

The other day I sold one of those pieces. As luck would have it it went to Gail B, who has been my personal “patron saint of the arts” for many years. She purchased it from a photograph on my Etsy site and never had a chance to try it on or to hold it. I held my breath for days as it traveled cross country and I waited to hear back from her. Then her email came:

“The necklace is beautiful;  I feel like a princess.  You are a masterfull artist!!”

Breathing that in I realized what goes around comes around, it’s a cycle.  When we create from beauty and cast that out in the world it does in fact touch others in ways we can’t always know. This time I was lucky enough to hear it…..

Thank you Gail more that you could possibly know!!

Playing Dress Up

As a little girl I loved to play dress up with my dolls. I’d spend hours and hours in the basement of our Philly row home; my little private world. I had tons of outfits for the dolls and me. My personal favorite was my mom’s old peach satin off the shoulder bridesmaid gown from the ’40’s and of course the matching heels were to die for too! I would imagine mom has a photo of me modeling that get-up…..

Switching to present day, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a dress-form for my jewelry photos. Today while doing retail therapy I found one!  What I didn’t realize was how much effort it would take to dress her. I found myself getting a little frustrated because I didn’t have the right drapes & dressings. Being the good coach that I am, I decided to switch my perspective and to think of this time as playing dress up……  ahhhhh, fun again.

Here’s a quickie photo to show her off….. I’ll have to come up with more outfits and of course a name!


Some Days Need a Little Extra Sparkle

Today has felt like a “back east” day, cloudy and rainy all day. Usually I enjoy the change from all of the AZ sunshine, but for some reason I felt pretty lethargic. Since I couldn’t get my creative muses to come out and play I decided to photograph some bling to brighten up the day! This is one of my new Floral Series beads, lots of layers of yumminess….

Inspired by Love and Joy

As an artist and yogi I love the creative process.  The ebb and flow of it is often my moving meditation.

When I was commissioned to make a piece for a girlfriend I was honored and delighted!  Gail is one of those very special girlfriends, I tear up just thinking how special she is to me……

Year of the OM

Did you ever notice how some years it takes a few weeks before you can finally write the new number correctly?  Well, the first time I wrote out 2013 it felt easy and something wonderful appeared to me instantly!

With only a few little embellishments 2013 turns into:


So I’ve declared this the Year of the OM. What a wonderful thought!  Om is the vibrational sound that connects all living things.  The “swish” like symbol” refers to transcending the veil of illusion into a wakeful state of being.

For me personally this year is about transcending that veil of illusion and I’m already on my path towards a more wakeful state.  If we all could connect that way just imagine what this world would be like…….

So happy New Year: OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM



Life’s a Beach

Finally back home after what was supposed to be a restorative few days with my mom and sister Rebecca.  But as we all know life does not come with any guarantees.

Flying to Florida I had pleasant thoughts of martinis and yummy little noshes shared in the open air of mom’s Florida room, lots of laughter, and the sharing that happens when family gets together.  We were all looking forward to the playtime.

What we did instead were trips to the doctor’s office, drug stores, and all night watches over mom.  The doctors took care of mom with drugs, but it was the wisdom of our friends who were there for us when we were at our wits end.

By our last day there mom was feeling better so Rebecca and I could leave her for a short trip to the ocean.  We both needed the healing from the sun, surf, and wind.

After doing many rounds of yogic lion’s breath on the beach, my sister snapped this photo:

ahhhhh and life is good again!

Time to Play

Wow this has been an amazing holiday show season!  Thank you all for supporting my work.  I know there will be lots of happy people on Christmas morning!  Now I’m off to play with my mom and sister in Florida for a few days.  Before I go I thought I’d share a couple of lotus blossoms with you……

Training Wheels Off

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to just go for it.  Today was my day to take the training wheels off and do my own posting to my website.  Three cheers to Peri Miller, the builder of the site and my teacher!

Teacher and Trainee