What Goes Around Comes Around


As an artist I pour my heart and soul into each piece I create.  At times I’m not sure if I even want to part with some of them.  But then again it’s good to keep the energy flowing….

The other day I sold one of those pieces. As luck would have it it went to Gail B, who has been my personal “patron saint of the arts” for many years. She purchased it from a photograph on my Etsy site and never had a chance to try it on or to hold it. I held my breath for days as it traveled cross country and I waited to hear back from her. Then her email came:

“The necklace is beautiful;  I feel like a princess.  You are a masterfull artist!!”

Breathing that in I realized what goes around comes around, it’s a cycle.  When we create from beauty and cast that out in the world it does in fact touch others in ways we can’t always know. This time I was lucky enough to hear it…..

Thank you Gail more that you could possibly know!!

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