Playing Dress Up


As a little girl I loved to play dress up with my dolls. I’d spend hours and hours in the basement of our Philly row home; my little private world. I had tons of outfits for the dolls and me. My personal favorite was my mom’s old peach satin off the shoulder bridesmaid gown from the ’40’s and of course the matching heels were to die for too! I would imagine mom has a photo of me modeling that get-up…..

Switching to present day, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a dress-form for my jewelry photos. Today while doing retail therapy I found one!  What I didn’t realize was how much effort it would take to dress her. I found myself getting a little frustrated because I didn’t have the right drapes & dressings. Being the good coach that I am, I decided to switch my perspective and to think of this time as playing dress up……  ahhhhh, fun again.

Here’s a quickie photo to show her off….. I’ll have to come up with more outfits and of course a name!


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