Life’s a Beach


Finally back home after what was supposed to be a restorative few days with my mom and sister Rebecca.  But as we all know life does not come with any guarantees.

Flying to Florida I had pleasant thoughts of martinis and yummy little noshes shared in the open air of mom’s Florida room, lots of laughter, and the sharing that happens when family gets together.  We were all looking forward to the playtime.

What we did instead were trips to the doctor’s office, drug stores, and all night watches over mom.  The doctors took care of mom with drugs, but it was the wisdom of our friends who were there for us when we were at our wits end.

By our last day there mom was feeling better so Rebecca and I could leave her for a short trip to the ocean.  We both needed the healing from the sun, surf, and wind.

After doing many rounds of yogic lion’s breath on the beach, my sister snapped this photo:

ahhhhh and life is good again!

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